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Welcome to the Iowa State Association of Assessors
Shari Plagge
Shari Plagge
ISAA President
[email protected]
Our mission is to achieve and maintain a high level of performance in property assessment administration through professionalism, education and communication. We strive to promote the public good by ensuring equitable assessments and to promote public understanding of the property assessment process in Iowa. We encourage property owners to contact their Assessor with questions or concerns.

Welcome to the Iowa State Association of Assessors web site. It is the hope and intent of the Assessors of Iowa that this site will provide you with information that will allow you to expand your understanding of the appraisal process and how that process affects you, the individual property owner. Within this site you will find contact information for each of the 7 city assessors and the 99 county assessors, be able to access information describing the duties of the assessor and the responsibilities of the office as well as information about various credits and exemptions that may be available to the property owner. This site also makes available links to other sites that provide additional information related to the Code of Iowa or information regarding real property and/or county/city government.

At the same time this site hopes to provide the assessors and their staff with a simple and efficient way in which to disseminate information, develop standards and share procedures that will provide the property owners of Iowa with assessments that are fair and equitable. In conjunction with the Iowa Department of Revenue, the assessors of Iowa have worked to develop educational opportunities to fulfill the requirements of the Code of Iowa concerning continuing education and to enhance the quality of the assessments.

As time passes by, changes occur in the real estate market, construction techniques and the economy. It is the goal of the Iowa State Association of Assessors to keep up with those changes and where possible anticipate areas of concern and formulate solutions that allow the assessor to establish fair and equitable assessments as defined in the Code of Iowa for each property within the jurisdiction. If you have comments or questions regarding the information provided or suggestions for improving this site contact your local assessor.

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