Executive Board
The governing body of the Association shall be the Executive Board. The Executive Board shall consist of the President, President-Elect, Vice-President, Secretary-Treasurer, the most immediate Past-President, and one member from each district as selected by the President, immediately following the election of the new officers each year.
Cindy Thompson
Worth County
Debra L. Umland
Audubon County
Dixie D. Saunders
Van Buren County
Designations: ICA
Drew E. Sanders
Keokuk County
Nicholas Van Camp
Davenport (City)
Nikki Carrick
Guthrie County
Designations: ICA
Paul Humble
Polk County
Designations: RES, ICA, AAS
Shari Plagge
Wright County
Designations: RES, ICA
Sue Reigelsberger
Pocahontas County
Thomas J. Koenigsfeld
Black Hawk County
Designations: ICA
Wayne Schwickerath
Story County
Designations: CAE, RES, ASA, ICA
Committee Leadership
Shari Plagge

Dixie D. Saunders

Vice Chair:
Brenda Nelson

Wayne Schwickerath

Wayne Schwickerath

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