The Committee on Legislation shall further the adopted legislative proposals to their adoption by the Iowa Legislature by all ways and means of the Association's resources. The committee shall further be empowered to revise, add or delete adopted legislation of the membership with the approval of the Executive Board. The committee shall report annually to the membership and at all meetings of the Executive Board. The committee shall cooperate and establish communications with other groups and organizations to promote and assist in the passage of legislation favorable to members of the Association and taxpayers of Iowa.
Amy Stevenson
Poweshiek County
Designations: ICA
Drew E. Sanders
Keokuk County
Jerry Witt
Linn County
Designations: ICA, RES, AAS
Joe Casson
Pottawattamie County
Designations: CR, ICA
Julie Roisen
Iowa Department of Revenue
Linda Fallesen
Humboldt County
Designations: ICA, ASA
Ross Simmelink
Sioux County
Thomas J. Koenigsfeld
Black Hawk County
Designations: ICA
Tim Konrad
Warren County
Designations: ICA
Committee Leadership
Amy Stevenson