North Central Regional Association of Assessing Officers (NCRAAO)... Iowa Directors of NCRAAO Board, three (3) members as per NCRAAO By- Laws.* Terms for members are set in accordance with NCRAAO By-laws. Anyone interested in an appointment to the NCRAAO Board of Directors should submit their name to the ISAA Executive Board by March 1st of the year of the vacancy.* The appointment of the NCRAAO Director will by made by the Executive Board prior to the annual NCRAAO Conference with the term commencing January 1st of the following year.* NCRAAO Board of Directors for the ISAA cannot serve for more than two (2) consecutive terms. Any vacancy in a Director’s term with a new member completing a term, does not count toward the term limit.
Christy Tinnes
Washington County
Designations: RES,ICA
Dixie D. Saunders
Van Buren County
Designations: ICA
Larry Andreesen
Benton County
Designations: ICA
Raymond Armel
Chickasaw County
Designations: ICA
Committee Leadership