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The Committee on Public Relations/Editorial Committee shall strive to improve the flow of information between assessment jurisdictions and between the public and assessors’ offices. The committee shall use pamphlets, press releases, the Internet, and any other means to convey information to the membership and to the general public. Duties of the committee shall include but are not limited to: media and conference board notification about awards, achievements, or appointments received by members; maintenance of the assessor’s duties pamphlet and the assessors and deputies directory in paper or digital form; layout, maintenance, and enhancement of the ISAA web page; and annual compilation of salaries and benefits to be completed and returned from each assessment jurisdiction by July 1st. The committee shall be responsible for the content and distribution of the official publication of the Association. The publication should be distributed at twice a year. The committee shall report to the membership annually and to the Executive Board at their meetings. The committee shall accept letters of nomination for the I.S.A.A. Outstanding Member of the Year Award until June 1st of each year. Nominations must be for an individual member in good standing; groups or committees will not qualify. All nominations will remain confidential. The committee will then submit its decision for the recipient of this award to the I.S.A.A. President by July 1st.
Alyssa Sutherland
Poweshiek County
Designations: ICA
Brad Harms
Buchanan County
Designations: ICA
Janet Bunce
Warren County
Designations: ICA
Julie Conolly
Woodbury County
Kandie White
Lee County
Katie Bennett
Cerro Gordo County
Designations: ICA, AAS
Kristina Delisi
Iowa Department of Revenue
Stacey Von Dielingen
Montgomery County
Designations: ICA
Tom Van Buer
Johnson County
Designations: ICA
Committee Leadership
Katie Bennett

Tom Van Buer

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