Notification and Appeal

If you disagree with the Assessor's estimate of value, please consider these two questions:
  1. What is the actual market value of my property?
  2. How does the value compare to similar properties in the neighborhood?
If you have any questions about the assessment of your property, please contact your assessor's office prior to the April 1st assessment notification date. After that date, an appeal can be made in either of two ways. An informal review can be requested of the assessor between April 2 and April 25, and a formal protest may be filed with the Board of Review between April 2 and April 30.

The Board of Review which is composed of either three members or five members from various areas of the county who are familiar with local market conditions and trends. The Board operates independently of the Assessor's office and has the power to confirm or to adjust upward or downward any assessment.

If an individual is dissatisfied with the Board of Review decision, they may appeal in one of two ways. They can file a lawsuit in district court, or they may petition to the Property Assessment Appeal Board. If dissatisfied with a Property Assessment Appeal Board decision, the decision may then be appealed to the district court.