Institute of Iowa Certified Assessors (IICA)

Who are Institute of Iowa Certified Assessor members?

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What is the Institute of Iowa Certified Assessors?

The Institute of Iowa Certified Assessors (IICA) is a professional organization of individuals who have demonstrated that they possess a high level of professional competence in the field of property assessment for ad valorem tax purposes.  Members who have completed the coursework and examinations necessary to meet the requirements defined by the IICA are awarded the designation of Iowa Certified Assessor (ICA).


What are the benefits of becoming an Iowa Certified Assessor (ICA)?

There are many benefits to becoming an ICA. You will get a discount on attending IICA sponsored courses. Depending on your jurisdiction’s policies, you may receive a bonus or salary increase. More importantly though, an ICA designation instantly establishes your qualifications and credibility in the ad valorem assessment community. While it is not necessary for a member of the ISAA to have this designation, with the addition of the education requirements put into place by House File 478, making the effort to become an ICA demonstrates to the state legislature, Department of Revenue, and other assessing jurisdictions and government offices that you have the professionalism necessary to perform the duties and responsibilities required of your position in the Assessor’s Office. For younger assessors, or those who are new to the field, obtaining your ICA will help you gain confidence in your abilities and demonstrate to your Conference Board that you have the knowledge to back up your actions in the assessment of your jurisdiction. The ICA designation can also give you more credibility when defending assessment appeals filed with the Property Assessment Appeal Board or in District Court. Finally, by taking the steps to become an ICA, you are demonstrating that you have attained the highest level of professionalism within the state of Iowa, and take pride in both your position within the assessment field, and the assessment community as a whole.


What does it take to become an Iowa Certified Assessor?

In order to become an ICA, you must be a member of the Iowa State Association of Assessors (ISAA) and have three years of experience in ad valorem appraisal. You must also complete several courses, a case study, and pass the IICA comprehensive exam.

Why should you become an Iowa Certified Assessor?

Being an ICA is important to everyone for different reasons. Here are some thoughts from a few of our members.

Why did I pursue my ICA? The answer lies in the purpose of the IICA - To develop professionalism, raise standards, and gain recognition. That and I really wanted to earn the 5 year member plaque and service bars to hang in my office.

– Katie Bennett, Former Cerro Gordo County Assessor
Since I was new to the assessment profession, getting my ICA was not only about being further educated in the assessment industry but also about getting a designation that I felt was important to my credibility as an assessment professional. 

– Carissa Sisson, Franklin County Assessor
Like a lot of us, I did not grow up expecting to work in the Assessor’s Office.  After a temp job at the courthouse turned into a full time position, I decided it was important for me to get my ICA for two reasons. First, I wanted to learn as much as I could in order to perform my job to the best of my abilities, and second, as a young deputy I felt that having the designation would make me more credible within the assessor community as well as with the taxpayers in my jurisdiction.

– Tara Brueggeman, Mason City Assessor
I became an ICA to network with other assessment individuals in Iowa. I had worked in an assessor’s office for many years but in another state.  Becoming an ICA helped me to develop lasting peer relationships as well as validate my qualifications and credibility.

– Brian Arnold, Polk County Deputy Assessor