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Our Strategic Plan

 Iowa State Association of Assessors
3-Year Strategic Plan

Our Core Values:

Integrity – carry out our duties with the highest level of accountability and responsibility.

Professionalism – serve the public with the highest ethical standards, skill, quality and respect.

Fairness – perform our duties without favoritism or discrimination.

Trustworthiness – demonstrate reliability, honesty, and transparency as we serve the public.


Our Vision:  To attain and preserve fairness, equitability and uniformity for every property owner in the State of Iowa.


Our Mission:  To provide fair and equitable assessments as the basis for funding local governments and services.


Our Strategic Goals: 

Mentor and Educate – Provide ISAA members with ample mentoring and educational opportunities, enabling them to perform their duties legally, professionally and efficiently. 

Improve Uniformity - Provide recommended guidelines for assessment professionals to follow in areas where policies, procedures, rules and laws are unclear or void, thereby maximizing uniformity across all jurisdictions.  

Improve Public Relations – Improve the image of the assessment profession, promoting the highest degree of ethical membership behavior, and increasing public understanding of property valuations. 

Our Objectives:  The following objectives are part of our three-year plan and will guide us toward attaining our strategic goals:   

 Mentor and Educate

  1. The Ways & Means Committee will establish a welcoming group, either association wide or at district/region level, within the next two years that will provide initial information to newly appointed assessors and review that information with the new appointee. Basic educational information (i.e.: timeline, procedure manual, budget preparation, etc.) should be determined and supplemented by the welcoming group.  
  2. The Education Committee will coordinate at least one non-credit “hands-on” training workshop per year, at the district or joint-district level, to provide education on topics prioritized by the membership, with care given to include the needs of new assessors. 
  3. The Web IT Committee will coordinate the creation of an instructional guide or video each six-months to educate members on technical topics faced by assessment professionals. 
  4. The Resource Committee will enlist expert volunteers to serve as a mentor on at least ten important educational topics identified by the committee, and make the mentor contact list available to the membership annually. 
  5. The Resource Committee will solicit educational information from outside organizations and sources that could provide members with additional knowledge of methods, issues, and advances in appraisal, administration, construction, technology, and media.They will compile a list of knowledgeable contacts and submit it with to the Education Committee to use as a resource when selecting speakers on educational topics. 

    Improve Uniformity

  6. The Manual and Forms Committee will review the ISAA office procedure manual for updating, or rewriting, within the next year and upon completion present to the Executive Board, and then to Association through district-level interaction. 
  7. The Executive Board will identify primary areas of uniformity concern each year and assign an appropriate ISAA committee or authority (i.e. ISAC, DOR, PAAB, legislators) to assist in establishing guidelines to improve uniformity across jurisdictions. 
  8. The Resource Committee will highlight one general topic per month, asking membership to share archived data, template letters, emails, news articles, spreadsheets, queries, how-to instructions and videos, and any other helpful documents which will be added to the website and conveyed to districts to improve uniformity and provide resources for members. 

    Improve Public Relations 

  9. The Executive Board will communicate the ISAA Code of Ethics and Standards of Professional Conduct Rules and Procedures to the membership at least once per year, and will highlight the duties and responsibilities of the ISAA committees to the membership each month. 
  10. The President will designate a goodwill or community service project annually to demonstrate the ISAA’s commitment to enriching the lives of others and the Public Relations Committee will assist in planning, carrying out, and publicizing the project. 
  11. The Public Relations Committee will develop or update a media/taxpayer public relations resource guide within the next year to enable Association jurisdictions to be proactive in educating and informing legislators, other public officials, media, and taxpayers concerning the office duties and responsibilities.  The PR Committee will make this guide available to the members annually.   
  12. The Public Relations Committee will identify or create at least one public educational video and one social media/news release per year to increase the public understanding on assessment topics, and will promote the video to maximize viewing by the legislators, school boards, mayors, supervisors, youth, and other citizens. 


  13. The Ways and Means Committee will notify the Executive Board of any necessary changes to bylaws resulting from the approved annual ISAA Strategic Plan. 
  14. The Ways and Means Committee will review and propose any necessary changes to the governing documents, and propose procedural rules for the ISAA, using ICA procedural rules as a guideline. 


IMPLEMENTATION:  In the implementation of each ISAA 3-Year Strategic Plan, the Executive Board will align resources, ensure inclusion of ISAA committees, and engage all members in the objectives by frequently communicating the plan, its purpose and progress.


SUCCESS METRICS:  The Executive Board will measure Strategic Plan progress and success, at each scheduled meeting of the Executive Board, by utilizing one or more of the following tools: 

  • Reports from committees, individuals or other groups involved in the strategic planning process
  • Membership feedback attained at the district level
  • Member and/or other stakeholder surveys
  • Review of objective checklists with timelines

Every three years, beginning in the summer of 2021, the ISAA President will schedule a special Strategic Planning Retreat or Meeting (prior to the executive board meeting preceding the ISAA Annual School of Instruction and Conference) to develop, revise or review the new three-year plan.  This plan will then be submitted to the Executive Board for approval, prior to the annual fall school, or the first meeting thereafter.


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