2018 Conference

ICA - Smiling faces 2018Smiling faces at the registration tICA - President Tim 2018able

President Tim preparing to give the opening rICA - New ICAemarks!

New ICA's - Amy Folkerts, Mel Obbink, Brenda Loftus & Dixie Saunders, congratulations!
ICA - Carmen Putzier 2018
Carmen Putzier - Department of Revenue - explaining Assessor/Deputy Assessor preliminary education requirementsICA - Abigail Sills 2018

Abigail Sills - Department of Revenue - reviewing credits & eICA - Scott Johnson 2018xemptions

Scott Johnson - Vanguard Appraisal - Residential Appraising New Things to Think AICA - Bob Ehler 2018bout

Bob Ehler - Vanguard Appraisals - Shouse Construction

ICA - Randy Spies 2018Randy Spies - Muscatine County Deputy Assessor - Legislative Update

ICA - Education 2018You can feel the excitement in the cICA - Trackside in the Pavilion 2018lassroom!

Evening activities in the Pavilion ICA - TJ has a winner 2018trackside

TJ has a winner, or ICA - Mike Weeks is picking a winner!maybe not!

Mike Weeks explaining how to pick ICA - John Deegan is the man!a winner, Paul Humble isn't buying it!

John Deegan is thICA - 2k18 Summer Seminare man

50th Anniversary photo